Hour    Playhouse 

     Drop-In & Flexible Full-Time Care

Center Hours                                                    
Monday-Thursday 6:30 am-10:00 pm
Friday 6:30-midnight  Saturday-Reservations Only  
Sunday-Reserved for Parties                                Call and enroll today  815-725-9787.  

Flexible Care  

Hourly Care

This flexible option to childcare is designed to meet the parents fluctuating child care needs.Flexible care allows you more consistent care on your schedule. There is no commitment or contract and you are free to change your care options according to your needs. Reservations are recommended, as we want to make sure that there is space available. 

Hourly care is designed for  the  parent  on the go, not needing child care on a consistent basis. This  option is great  for  those parents who want  to  have a night out on the town or just a few hours to run errands. Once  your family is enrolled you are free to drop your child off as often as needed. 

  Hour Playhouse offers an exciting, educational, and fun Summer Camp Program. Your children can enjoy a summer of exploration and fun-filled learning. Various themes provide opportunities to develop social,

cogn​itive, language, math, fine and gross motor skills in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. 


Summer Care

  Hour Playhouse focuses on providing a quality program that is enriched with materials, manipulation, choices, child language and thought; as well as adult scaffolding. Our program also stresses the importance of building relationships between not only the teacher-child learning environments but the home and community. For more information on our curriculum visit: http://highscope.org​